Our story

My name is Hrista and I established the brand “Hrista`s Herbs” in 2020 with great enthusiasm and love for herbs, nature and handmade products.

From the very beginning I knew that I wanted to have something more than a regular brand for natural products. Along with beautiful, handmade and high-quality natural products, I want to offer to my customers something more- a real feel-good indulgence- good for the conscience, for the planet and for the body.

Led by this idea, I decided that for every product sold, a tree will be planted.

Creating nature while consuming high quality natural products became the driving force of Hrista´s Herbs.

Today you can find Hrista`s Herbs in nearly 20 towns in Finland and numerous remarkable cities like Vienna, Stockholm, Tallinn, Amsterdam, etc. The products are available in tens of grocery stores, gift shops, lifestyle shops and cafes.

Thank you for being here!
Thank you for being a part of my dream!
Thank you for creating nature!