I am happy to finally present to you the first article in my blog. In most of the upcoming posts you will be able to read more detailed information about Hrista`s Herbs products and how to use them, interesting recipes and alternative ways to incorporate herbs in our daily lives.

The first article, however, reflects Hrista`s Herbs` philosophy and values. You will find out what is the good cause we support and how you can also be part of it!

From the very beginning I knew that I want to have something more than a regular brand for natural products. Along with beautiful, handmade and high-quality natural products, I want to offer to my customers something more- a real feel-good indulgence- good for the conscience, for the planet and for the body.

Led by this idea, I decided that for every product sold, a tree will be planted. Creating nature while consuming high quality natural products became the driving force of Hrista´s Herbs.

Nature is a great and extremely rich source, which provides us with its wonderful gifts. But no source is limitless and if we want to benefit from nature and the natural products it has to offer, we need to give something in return and show our gratitude.

Every tree planted is another alveolus in the lungs of our planet. Trees not only give us oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. Trees are doing a lot more. They nourish and preserve the soil. They retain moisture in the ground. They provide home for animals – birds, squirrels, microorganisms, etc. They provide food for us. They also provide food for the animals.

Albert Einstein has said that “If the bee disappeared off the face of the Earth, man would only have four years left to live.  And bees today are disappearing at an alarming rate. By planting trees, some of them being honey-trees and donated to beekeepers, we can make a tiny step towards slowing this dangerous process down.

For each product sold, a tree is planted.

In 2022 we have planted 1000 trees!

In 2023 we have planted 1200 trees!

And this is only possible thanks to each one of you who has purchased a Hrista´s Herbs product. 

Thank you! Spread the good cause and enjoy your tea while planting trees!

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